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Ficus Trails Birdwatching Tour

Birdwatching in Costa Rica is one of the best experiences you can have if you are a Bird lover. Hand in hand with our experienced guide you will have memories for a life time!

Fishing Tour on the Tenorio River

Take a break from your time in the Cloud Forest and spend the day visiting the popular Guancaste region of Costa Rica. Your guide will pick you up from your Monteverde hotel and take you through the mountains to Guanacaste and the Tenorio River.

Once you’re at the river, get ready to cast your rod and wait for the fish to bite! Your guide and fellow fishing enthusiast will provide you with your bait and gear for a relaxing and refreshing few hours fishing on the river. This is the perfect activity for families and nature lovers of all ages.

Guided Hike in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Guided Hike in the Monteverde Cloud Forest
Monteverde Reserve is located on the Continental Divide, the boarder between the Pacific and Atlantic sides of Costa Rica. On a clear day you can see the Pacific ocean from way up high in the mountains, even though it is miles away!

Hanging Bridges Hike with 100% Aventura

Experience the thrill of walk high above the tree canopy, witnessing what goes on in the jungle high above the cloud forest floor.


The herpentarium offers more than 100 individuals which you can see with your guide who is ready to teach you about all about this species

Horseback Riding Mountain & Farm Views

This Monteverde horseback ride is perfect for kids, families, couples and nature lovers! This is one of our favorite Monteverde horse tours because it is suitable for just about all ages. Enjoy a relaxing Monteverde horseback ride through a maintained trails with views to live for! You’ll see different crops growing in the surrounding farmlands, plus the rolling mountains in the background that seem to go on for eons.

In The Clouds Horseback Riding tour

Horseback Riding in Monteverde is a unique experience perfect for those seeking adventure and also are in loved with nature!

Monteverde Night Tour

The Monteverde Night Tour is a protected area of about 30 hectares of land outside of the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Its location allows for a diverse ecosystem that gives life to a wide variety amount of wildlife. Night hikes are just a great way to see all these animals, nocturnal ones coming slowly to the night life and those going to sleep.

Monteverde Sky Tram & Trek

The Sky Trek and Tram is perfect for those seeking for adventure and nature, it combines the best of both worlds!

Night Hike at Curi Cancha Reserve

Curi Cancha Reserve offers a great opportunity for animal sightseeing. With its privileged location and the experienced guides you will assure a life time experience!

Night Hike Finca Modelo Ecologica

Come and enjoy of a lovely sunset and a walk on the forest with Finca Modelo Ecologica

Original Canopy Tour

Pioneers of this great adventure on top of trees, Original Canopy offers one of the most unique and authentic zip lining experiences in Costa Rica and in the world.