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Arboreal Tree Climbing Tour

Enjoy of the new and unique way of exploring the cloud forest in Monteverde!


The herpentarium offers more than 100 individuals which you can see with your guide who is ready to teach you about all about this species

San Lucas Treetop Dining Experience

An experience in the Cloud Forest

Selvatura Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, come and enjoy one of Costa Rica´s beauties!

Selvatura Insect Exhibition

Insects are one of the smallest and most beautiful creatures that live in Costa Rica, come and enjoy yourself with all the different species that this museum has to offer!

Selvatura Park Hummingbird Garden

Selvatura hummingbird garden is one of the best  in the area!

Selvatura Reptile & Amphibian Exhibition

From frogs to snakes this tour is for wildlife lovers! You will get to see and learn from each specie up close.

Sky Tram Gondola Tour

Sky Tram offers a great and unique view of the cloud forest in Monteverde!

Treetop Climbing Tour Monteverde

Treetop Climbing with Finca Modelo is a fun and unique tour to do in Monteverde. Here you will have the chance to climb a hollow Ficus tree with a height of 40 meters!