Monteverde Adventure Company

Desafio Monteverde began over 20 years ago fueled with the passion to share the most amazing parts of Costa Rica with the world, especially Monteverde. Since then it has become on of the top tour agencies in Monteverde, with sister companies all over Costa Rica. Our Adventure Specialists are local people who live and breathe travel, with first hand experience exploring Monteverde and other wonderful places around Costa Rica. Part of their job is to try new tours and activities in order to recommend whole-heartedly the best services to our clients based on their unique needs and interests. Feel free to contact our team of Adventure Specialists so they can help you plan your dream vacation!


Meet Our Team


Darlene Rockwell

General Manager

Darlene has worked in tourism for more than 10 years and is the manager of Desafio Monteverde. She loves her job because it allows her to  explore new areas of Costa Rica, try new activities, and meet new people. On her free time she likes to exercise and watch the beautiful sunsets in Monteverde.


Angelica Fuentes

Adventure Specialist

Angelica grew up in Monteverde with all her family,  She loves and cares about animals, nature and her surroundings. One of her passions is traveling to new places and meeting people from all over the world.


Cesar Corrales

Accounting Department

Cesar grew up in San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital city but moved to Monteverde 13 years ago to be surrounded by the friendly people and beautiful nature. He loves to do any activity that involves nature and his goal is to discover every inch of Costa Rica, taking lots of photos along the way!